Five Efficient Marketing Strategies

Published: 05th March 2010
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Marketing strategies have been available for years and some of them are very valuable. Some of these strategies are out dated and others are relataively new. Here I will discuss five strategies that are very effective today.

Social media sites or web 2.0 is a prevalent approach to use in networking. What is a social media site? A social media site is a site where folks meet to visit, share stories and pictures, exchange ideas, etc. Examples of social media sites are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are just a few of the sites where effectual marketing can occur. What are the steps to market on social sites? First you need to set up an account. Then you request people to be your friend or follow you. Then you need to distribute information in your status box each day. More often is better. Bring into being a group and encourage people to join your group. Again helpful subject matter needs to be shared with the group. Individuals will come to identify and be sure about you as they can see the importance in what you have to offer. Are you able to genuinely assist them in getting what they want? Can you pass on the education you have learned? Are you trying to help them or yourself?

Another valuable marketing approach is article marketing. Are you able to express your thoughts and feelings in written form? If writting is something that you feel comfortable doing and you can write openly and concisely then this might be a great plan for you to use. Consistancy in publishing 250-750 articles is very critical in this strategy. Then you need to present them to as many article directories as you can. To get onto the front page of Google you will need to discover how to locate highly searched for keywords that have as little competition as possible. If the keyword or phrase that you want to use is extremely competitive then you need to take a creative approach and get as many backlinks to your article as possible. As you hone your skills you will find that you can have a home on the front page of Google.

Video marketing is hot right now. Who hasn't heard of YouTube? The first thing you will want to do is to set up one account on YouTube. Save yourself troubles by only having one account on YouTube. Lights, camera, action! Your initial video is in progress. Make your video about what? What have you learned today about marketing? Educate on your video what you have learned. If you write an article and make a video with the same keywords link the two together for great ratings on Google. Bring together the two and you have a very effective marketing strategy.

Can you say PayPerClick (PPC)? PPC is a viable alternative but it is not for those on a limited advertizing budget. Yes, PPC can be expensive! If done right, it may be get you the most targeted leads! The learning curve for PPC is steep and can be expensive. The cost for this strategy is more then the others but it's rewards can be much higher, too.

Free online classifieds is a thelast strategy that I would like to dicuss. Although at first glance this might seem easy it takes time to become skilled at, also. Classified ads are short while delivering a message. Yet appeal to their emotional "need" to trade their money for your product or service. Give them no more then required to get them to take action. In 20 words or less what are you offering, why do they need it, and how can they get it or more information about it.

The measure of the effectiveness of these marketing strategies is how much traffic are you driving to your capture page on your website. Your capture page is where you can 'capture' the name and email address of your prospect. Remember that effective marketing strategies don't succeed overnight. Usually leads start to trickle in and as you are being consistent then so is the number of leads that you get. How would you like to have 20-50 leads coming in to your website everyday? Click here to learn how to leverage these strategies and more.

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